Payroll Bureau

Payroll Bureau Services

When HMRC introduced Real Time Information (RTI) for payroll in 2013, the rules and deadlines for PAYE were tightened up considerably. It made every employer tighten up the payroll records.

Even if you are the sole employee in your limited company, you will need to keep strict payroll records in just the same way as if you employ other people.

We are fully RTI compliant and offer:

  1. HMRC registration
  2. Preparation of wages - weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  3. Holiday pay calculation
  4. Preparation of CSV files for BACS payments
  5. Auto-enrolment calculations for pensions
  6. Make actual payments for individual wages, HMRC etc on your behalf

Start as you mean to go on and let us take care of the payroll side of things for you. In the first instance, please get in touch to arrange a meeting for us to explain in more detail.