Health and Safety – scary stuff?

Throughout the last few years there has been a lot of publicity about Health and Safety issues, some of which seems way over the top to the likes of you and me.

For example - Is it safe to let my children play conkers without fear of them being badly bruised/blinded?  Is it safe to put up Christmas trees outside shops in case they fall down and injure pedestrians - 'elf and safety of course!

At a meeting last week Ian -   a Health and Safety expert - explained to us that although there are strict regulations to follow they are largely based on common sense.  Trouble is the media want a really good gloom and doom story and go way over the top.

He also said - never assume always check first.  Good advice - with such conflicting media stories these days it definitely does pay to be on the safe side.

Was that a conker just flew past me?



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