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Minimum wage changes

From October 2015 the hourly minimum wage rates will be: Aged over 21         6.70 Aged 18-20           5.30 Aged 16-17            3.87 Apprentices          3.30 - rules apply so check first The rates are revised every spring ready for the change in October. Please bear in mind this is the minimum wage only and not the "living wage" as a lot of confusion arises  on this...
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Further NIC relief for employers

HMRC has added another NIC relief for employers. As from 6th April they will no longer be required to pay NIC contributions on earnings of employees under 21 although the employee will still be required to pay their own contributions. Employers who employee anybody under the age of 21 on or after 6th April 2015 will not be...
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New tax year…..

The 2015-2016 tax codes are arriving - are you sure yours is right?  They will not be used until April so there is  time to get them changed if necessary. If you believe yours is wrong or are unsure please ring our office on 01305- 215800 or leave a message on our contact page and I will...
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New tax codes?

New code numbers will be issued very soon but do you know what they mean? We can all receive a basic amount each tax year before paying tax and in the current tax year it is £10,000. If you are employed, or receive a private pension then HMRC will administer this though a PAYE code number but...

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