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Allowable Business Expenses

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is what is an allowable business expense and what is not. It can get a bit confusing sometimes as even though a certain expense may be an allowable business expense, it may mean additional tax and NIC charges. HMRC stated many, many years ago that an expense had to be...
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Which software?

Choosing  suitable bookkeeping software for your business can be pretty daunting - there are so many available. A word of advice - keep it simple and run through your choices with your accountant. The software package you choose must not only give you what you need to run your business efficiently: it must also provide the necessary information and...
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The life of a bookkeeper

The first job this week was to sort out a load of papers in a "cardboard box" full of everything - including my client's Glasses Prescription! Got that sorted and on to software - good start with not too much missing. Next, setting up a new client onto cloud based bookkeeping.  Although I always wondered how it would all work,...
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The only good thing…….

The only good thing about the current VAT rate of 20% is that it is easy to work out - just divide the total by 6 to find out the amount of VAT.  Simple as that! There are several different VAT schemes available.  If you would like us to check that you are using the one best...
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