Monthly Archives: May 2015

Love your accountant…..

Gone are the days where your accountant is there just to prepare your accounts and complete your tax return once a year. They are there to help all year round. A good accountant can be a huge asset to your business - there when you need help, advice and even a bit of TLC. Make good use...
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Health and Safety – scary stuff?

Throughout the last few years there has been a lot of publicity about Health and Safety issues, some of which seems way over the top to the likes of you and me. For example - Is it safe to let my children play conkers without fear of them being badly bruised/blinded?  Is it safe to put...
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Non Current Assets?

OK  - so we know that accountancy-speak can be a bit heavy going sometimes but anybody know what "Non Current Assets" are in the "updated" version we are meant to use? Come on - every correct answer gets a point and what do points make?  Prizes!! Go on - spoil yourself, have a go and win a...
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